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Ok- so this weeks theme is ‘homemade’.  There is really nothing ‘homemade’ in my kitchen.  There’s homemade art, photographs, laughter,  and plenty of ‘homemade’ noise!  But traditionally, that term tends to refer to something yummy – visions of warm baked bread and warm cookies are dancing in my head right now.  Since I’ve gotten into photography, my cooking/baking skills have been on the backburner – doing basically the ‘bare minimum’ to feed my family – and as demonstrated in the below images, my poor kids often have to fend for themselves!  haha – jk.    They really like making their own PP&J sandwiches.



Now head on  over to Michele’s blog to see what she came up with!

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  • Holly - Love this! My daughter just recently started learning to make her own pb&j’s too, and absolutely loves it! Gorgeous processessing. 🙂

  • gretchen - isn’t it great when they can make a sandwich by themselves? Super cute!

  • Misty setzler - Oh the joys of a pb&j! Love the images you got.

  • ginger - These are great!!! I loved when my daughter learned to make her own pb and J sandwhiches!!! I love the way you processed these..great memories!!!

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  • Clara - What a great capture of what is just a simple normal everyday event… yet made timeless in these images… really loving this processing!

  • Dana Cubbage - Now that brings me back to my childhood… and makes me hungry for a PBJ!

  • Cara - I love that they are making their own sandwiches. I need to reorganize my pantry so the kiddos can get their own healthy snacks. Your images are wonderful. 🙂

  • Sabrina - I’m all about teaching my boys to be self-sufficient!!!I think their homemade sandwiches must taste like confidence and boy-boyness! Images are gorgy. Love the composition, processing, and reflections! You made a pb&j look like art!

  • Deanna - I’m right there with you on the baking! I’d be doing good to do any let alone remember to take pictures of it:-) Love that first one with the knife and the reflection. Lovely!

So this is part two of this session – The first part was cut short due to weather – so mom and our new one year old came back on a nice sunny day.  Anyone who knows me and my preference – give me sun any day over flat light, overcast days.  That’s just my preference.  Thank you Alison for coming back and I love how these turned out!







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  • Cara - I LOVE the glasses. And the connection you got between this little one and his momma is awesome.

  • Zubye - Absolutely gorgeous!!! You are extremely talented!

  • tamara - beautiful. Love the bubbles and profile shots

  • Callie - what gorgeous light…I’m with you I love sun over cloudy anyday. these are beautiful images Mary!

  • leah - what a cute session! Those glasses are the perfect prop =) Fabulous

  • shannon harrison - adorable session Mary! love the glasses series. and as always your pp is icing on the cake!

  • robyn oakenfold - beautiful session… there is so many images i said ” i love that ” so clearly they are all amazing! well done!

  • Malisa - gorgeous images! I love the glasses series! his smiles are so adorable!

  • Becky Earl - Oh the light! So glorious. What a beautiful session AND family! <3

  • Angela - Wow, the light is great, and I love the curiosity in his face that you captured! Love the bubbles!

  • Stephanie Moore {Tucson AZ Photographer} - Beautiful job, these are gorgeous. Love the bubble idea, so much fun. your processing is beautiful!

  • Donelle - so beautiful, I love the light and processing, and the one of the baby wearing the glasses is sooooo cute!

  • Heather - I just love the bubbles!

  • Kirsty-Abu Dhabi - So glad you made them come back – you captured the light gorgeously. Adore the ones in the glasses – so, so sweet!

  • Val Spring - Beautiful session, Mary! Love the light and the connection between the two! Trying to pick out a favorite but there are sooo many I absolutely adore! xo

  • Carrie Terrones (Las Vegas Photographer) - It was worth the wait…beautiful session and I love how you incorporated simple props into the session!

Fun family – had to cut this session short due to very dark skies – we really thought it was going to pour!


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Not such an inspiring image – but I started a rather large Art piece – so this is the beginning of this project.  I hope to post the end result soon –


PINIMAGENow please head over to see Michele for her image –

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  • Melinda - Really pretty Mary! Love your composition and the simplicity of this.

  • misty setzler - Great composition on this, I can’t wait to see the final product.

  • Lucy - Gah, this is gorgeous, I love how it looks, so simple, yet there is something so dreamy about it!

  • michele caputo - i love your perspective of this week’s theme! can’t wait to see the finished piece!

  • Tifani - Now that canvas has some real promise!

  • Linsey - Wow! I’m excited to see what you are going to create! Love the blurred effect in this.

  • Dana Cubbage - I cannot WAIT to see what you come up with!! I love painting so much but never ever do it. Except this weekend will be filled with the not-so-fun kind of painting… in my new apartment. Blah.

  • Kate - oh my the color is so beautiful…I can’t wait to see the finished project. Someday I would love to learn to paint.

  • Sabrina - OH wow! I love the beginning of this project (SO cool with the lensbaby, right!)so I cannot wait to see the final product.

  • denean - beautiful blue! can’t wait to see the finished piece!

  • Deanna - Love the faded colors here! Can’t wait to see the finished product!!!

  • Cara - Cant wait to see it! Looks like it will be fabulous!

  • gretchen - can’t wait to see!

  • ginger - yes, please come back and share the end result…i am sure it is to be beautiful!!!!

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Hello there –

If you are not familiar with the 10 on 10 – I’ve joined up with a group of photographers from Bloom with this project.  We pick a day each month and document it – one hour at a time basically for 10 hours.  Then on the 10th of each month, we post our 10 images documenting our day.

I had more images this month – Had to edit down.

Oh – and about those last two images – for some reason, my blog won’t allow commentary on those two only – so I just included it in the image.

When you are done here – please continue the circle to Amy Schilling to see her day.


Meet Jacob.  He’s waiting for breakfast.



Abby already had her breakfast and is doing what she does best – next to running.PINIMAGE


Duke KNOWS when he puts his head on the sofa and gives us this look…….



then he’s going to get one of these of course.  🙂PINIMAGE


Kids have a playdate – Thank you everyone for helping me out with mikey’s wish list – and apparently Santa (the ‘other’ santa in this household) was already on it.  BUT – seriously – all three boys on their itouchs’ during their playtime.  It’s like the mommy photographer groups where everyone is on their laptops –PINIMAGE


Hurry – it’s time to go outside to play –PINIMAGE


She’s cute – but so pushy….:)PINIMAGEPINIMAGE



Started a paint project –PINIMAGE



The kids played while I painted in the garage.  I took a few minutes to finally play with the new lensbaby.  My first time – so don’t judge yet….please….PINIMAGE







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  • Kirsty-Abu Dhabi - Love these – what’s the painting project? I’m going to have to come back and see when it’s finished!

  • jasmine - Lovely day, Mary! My kiddos got iPods this year too and the tune-in to technology is a little disconcerting for sure… love the ‘hurry up’ series and your paint bucket image…

  • Jenn Swartz - What a fantastic series!! I’m in love with the fish image, and the sequence of your little girl on her way outside. Your last image cracked me up, too. Looking forward to seeing more from you!

  • Carey Pace - I am so very much in love with your work, your eye, your processing, YOU!!!

  • Lisa Turner - Love this series! I am interested to hear about what you are painting! Very cool.

  • sarah costa - LOVE these.. that fish shot is stunning and your painting project is fantastic

  • Nicole LeBlanc - This is awesome!

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  • Ana Luisa - Beautiful images, I like the Elmo series and I just love the fish one!!

Hello there,

And Happy New Year!  I hope you all enjoy your new resolutions, organizing, spring cleaning, getting back into shape, getting back into ‘work’ mode (obviously not all applies to everyone!) – and anything else you plan on doing for 2012!

This year, I’ve joined up with a new group of gifted and excited photographers from BLOOM to embark on a new 52 week challenge.  The theme this first week is the dreaded self portrait……

Been a rough week for me.  On New Year’s Day, I ate some turkey and sauce for lunch and about 2 hours later I started to feel sick.  Fast forward a few hours – (trying not to be so graphic) -I ended up throwing my guts so much that I ended up in the hospital from dehydration.

Came home – and was very weak for a few days after that – REALLY did not want to take a self portrait – (barely wanted to take a shower!).  So – this is something I took before – the first (in the mirror) was taken in November of 2011 – tried the selfie – but failed since I’m sooooo out of focus.  But – it makes me look better – I actually did no touch ups – the fuzz covered up the wrinkles! 🙂

PINIMAGEThis is one I took over the summer up North at my parents house.  I just adore older, charming homes, and my parents live in one.  The dirt, the chipped paint, the French fabric curtain in the basement window just sums it up.  I spent a good amount of my life in this house.  We don’t have too many of this type of house here in Texas (at least where I live) so I really do miss it.


Now please continue the circle and take a look my friend Leah at LCH Photography to see her self portrait!  (Also check out her graphic design skills!  Awesome!)

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  • Laurie - Mary I hope your fully recovered!! I love your self portrait.. and the fuzz technique is a FABULOUS idea, I totally was thinking of using the “out of focus technique” that is so popular right now. 🙂 Your beautiful. Your photography is beautiful. And your creativity ALWAYS blows me away! ! Happy New Year!

  • michele caputo - Hi Mary! I love the multiple shots of you!

  • Cara - You are so pretty! I love your glasses. Sorry you were feeling so badly. 🙁

  • Clara - Oh you poor, poor thing! I hope you’re feeling better now! The first series of photos of you are great… but I really love how creative that last one is!

  • Lucy - All of these are beautiful Mary! Glad you are feeling better, and so happy you are in our group! x

  • Deanna - Love these! The one of you in the window is just lovely. I tried doing the picture in the mirror but they all just looked ridiculous! I see we are both Canon girls! Look forward to getting to know you this year!

  • Misty setzler - Thats not a good start to the new year, I hope your year is much much better than the way it started!

  • Lisaelle - So fun, hope you are feeling better. Love the last pic too.

  • Leah - I just love your self portraits!!! so cute!!! 🙂 Looking forward to seeing more of your images this year.

  • Ginger - Love these Mary!!! So glad you are feeling better..and so happy to be in this group together!!! Hugs!!!

  • Sabrina - Mary, I hope you continue to feel better! I love the haze in the first series. I, too, long for a different sort of house than we do here in the Houston Suburbs.

Abby and Duke!  Duke is still pretty new – Came to us just before Thanksgiving, but he seems to be doing just great.  They are both retired racing greyhounds.  We go to the dog park almost every day and they RUN and RUN!!!  Once Duke get’s going – he races around the entire perimeter of the dog park then shoots down the middle (he’s a bit faster than Abby because he is bigger and Abby broke her leg which ended her career – a whole different story, but it does bother her sometimes.  Poor thing).  The other dogs try to keep up – but no can do.   So they cut through the park – hearder style to try to catch up to him.  It’s a SIGHT!  We’re thinking of selling tickets!  jk.

I’ll post some cool images of running at some point.  Here are a couple of silly ones of the dogs.

Miss Abby – all demure….

PINIMAGEAnd Cool Duke!


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The last week of 2011.  This week’s theme is Journey and Beginnings.  Here is a little boy and we did his newborn photos last year around this time.  We recently did his one year old photoshoot, so we wanted to get his little hand with dad again.

Next – please go to my talented friend – Melanie Kay Photography,  Thousand Oaks Portrait Photographer to see her post. PINIMAGEPINIMAGE

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  • Katie - Oh I love this! Just beautiful! I’m writing it down so I can do something like this at my next newborn session. Wonderful composition and beautiful processing. I’d love to see your newborn set-up for pointers. 🙂 Love these!

  • Jen - This is so precious. Also, I love your color and black white techniques! I’ve really enjoyed your work, Mary!

  • Melanie - I love these images! Showing the journey of his little hand grow in comparision to his dad’s hand over the past year is awesome for this theme!

    I’ve really enjoyed having you be a part of our 52-Week Photo Challenge Group over the past few weeks. Your work is beautiful and I’m looking forward to seeing more your work in the future!

  • jess - love it! what a great idea – i’m such a sucker for dad photos and then and now photos

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