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This week’s theme is Pastel -There’s a lot of that in my work so this week was pretty easy!  So I pulled some oldies and worked on some new ones – just for fun!  After looking at these – Please head on over to see what pretty photography Clara has!














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  • Sabrina - Oh heavens, Mary, I just love your work! Those first two just literally take my breath away! Stunning!

  • Lucy - All these are to die for Mary!

  • Gretchen - These are just dreamy!

  • Melinda - Beautiful images Mary! I so love your take on pastel…

  • Dana Cubbage - Mary that first image is unbelievable! Gorgeous work this week.

  • Clara - Oh so much lovely hazey pastel prettiness!!! My favourite is the piano series! Too cute!

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  • ginger - just love your work mary…there’s always something so fresh about it!!!

Time for our Bloom‘s 10 on 10 – 10 images documenting a day.  I would write more but about to get on a plane to NYC for my sister’s wedding.  So hopefully the images will tell the story.  When you are done here -  Please head on over to Kit Womble to see what her day was like!



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The theme this week is Alone  –




Please head on over to see what CLARA came up with!

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  • amy grace - this is such a gorgeous portrait…the framing, the richness, the movement, the sweet face and posture. wonderful!

  • Lucy - Love this, especially the way the archway frames her!

  • gretchen - Oh my! I LOVE this….crisp, fresh and beautiful! Great job!

  • denean - Sweet photo – perfect framing!!

  • Cara - Such a beautiful picture, I love how the vines frame her.

  • Dana Cubbage - Simply gorgeous image this week, Mary. I love the light and it looks fantastic in b+w!

  • Ginger - Gorgeous%20Mary!!

  • Sabrina - I commented but I don’t know if it is showing up? A seemingly bittersweet moment here it seems.

  • Sabrina - I love the black and white and the framing. It’s kind of a bittersweet image here.

  • Kate - oh I love the framing in this shot, and her hair being swept away by the wind! Lovely Mary….so inspiring!

  • Deanna - Love the black and white processing! So sweet! Love the boots:-)

Ok – I’m going to be completely honest here – This should have been an easy week – Just take an image of a child ‘pretending’ – It’s what they do.  So then I was trying to think of ways to liven the theme up a bit – a different take perhaps –

Days go by, life continues – then Friday sneaks up on me and oops- just one of those things that got put aside.

So I go back to a raw file from THIS session to pull up and edit.  I had all high hopes – thinking that I had a good one, so I started my edit, then kept editing, and working, and fiddling, had to look away a few times, recalibrate my monitor, tweak, tweak….Spent WAY too much time on this one – Sometimes the image just doesn’t warrant the time – and I can’t seem to get this one to a place where I’m completely happy with it –

Maybe it’s my mood, the morning, whatever.  Here’s my pretend image –PINIMAGE




However – I am VERY happy with this image – I met up with a bunch of great local photographers yesterday and we had fun shooting some models.  I am trying to master the lensbaby – still have a ways to go – but I did finally get a close up where something is in FOCUS!  Yay!  So – here we are pretending to dress up!


Now please head on over to Heart Inspired Photography to see what Clara came up with!

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  • denean - both images are beautiful! I think you rocked the Lensbaby and your top edit is so clean and clear. Love them both!

  • Holly - Mary, I have to say – that first image is just gorgeous! It is so crisp and simple; I really do just love it! I do have to second the “oh no!” moment, too. My first attempt was a total bust and I was in a complete race to come up with something! Of all weeks I was so surprised that it would be THIS one to throw me for a loop!! 🙂

  • Mary Schannen - Thanks guys – I think it was my mood this morning – I was rushing to get that image to where I envisioned it – and after all this work, it just never got there. I appreciate the comments and I guess I like it a bit better now (after a day of not looking at it). Just one of those things. Thanks everyone – I love you all!

  • Clara - I think you’re being WAAAAY to hard on yourself… that first image is just BEAUTIFUL! I love it… the backlighting… the intense look of concentration… perfect moment!

    The second image is lovely too… I’m jealous of your lens baby… 🙂

  • Melinda - You are being way too hard on yourself!! They are both beautiful!

  • misty setzler - Oh I love the first image, its somewhat timeless and simple and a beautiful way. and the last one love the focus point!

  • Sabrina - Mary, the first image totally caught my breath. I really love it. It’s crisp yet dreamy all at the same time. I love it! And yep, Friday sneaks up on me big-time! Every week! Second image is so precious! We don’t get a lot of dress-up with our boys, do we? (Well, it’s a different sort of dress-up!)

  • Ginger - Well. I love both images!!! I had lots of ideas too this week but life is just busy!!!

I had a busy week, so I’m reposting this because I LOVE it so much.



Now please head over to Heart Inspired to see what she came up with!

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  • misty setzler - These are so incredible sweet.

  • gretchen - What a great way to show the love that surrounds you!

  • Lucy - These are gorgeous, beautiful, soulful, just perfect!

  • Kate - Precious! I LOVE this Mary.

  • Sabrina - Oh I do really love these! Perfection!

  • Linsey - LOVE these! The emotion you captured is so genuine and real.

  • Holly - These are so sweet, crisp and clean…not to mention the love between the two!

  • Deanna - Love this set!

  • Ginger - Mary. I love these. Each one is just precious!!!

  • Melinda - Love these Mary!

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So this weeks theme is ‘Letting Go of Perfect’.  I love this theme.  So freeing and these images are pretty far from perfect!

I’m taking a wonderful workshop from Deb Schwedhelm -  I am seeing life and the way I take images so differently right now.  Are these snapshot or Art?   It may be just me, but I see art.

A beautiful day in the park.  I am so grateful that we have nice friends and often beautiful weather so the kids can do what they are supposed to do – be kids!

I did a different processing than I normally do.  Just playing around.


After looking at these, please head on over to Dana Cubbage | Charleston SC Pet Photographer to see what she came up with!





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  • heidi - Oh amazing!!!! Love all the swing pics-I am a sucker for those, especially, but these are all amazing. 🙂

  • Cara Harrison, Cincinnati Photographer - Mary, these are awesome! The pictures look so free, and almost dreamlike. Very inspiring! I love the imperfections here.

  • misty setzler - Oh fantastic lifestyle shots! love the blur’ing

  • Lucy - These are so amazing Mary! I thank god everyday that you are apart of our circle just so I get inspiration like that every week!

  • Deanna - Simply gorgeous!

  • Holly - LOVE the processing on these! It is so perfectly fitting for the action and carefree play that is taking place. Well done!

  • denean - Beautiful photos! I can feel the fun they are having!

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  • Melinda - These are beautiful Mary! I knew you would rock the lensbaby!

  • Sabrina - Mary your work (even your self-proclaimed “snapshots”) have always been art! These are stinkin’ AMAZING! The pink shoe climbing and the kids swinging are my favorites. I gasped when I saw the pink croc! Love the processing. Love the motion. These are incredible!! Thanks for sharing!!

  • Susan - Wonderful, makes you feel like you are at the playground with them!

  • ginny - Such a sense of place. These are intimate and so full of movement.

  • Malisa - beautiful Mary!

  • melissa - Oh Mary, I love the free feeling of all of these. So lovely!

  • Linsey - Definitely art! Mary, I so love your work. It’s beautiful!

  • Gigi - These are wonderful!

So this week’s theme is  ‘on the shelf’.  At a carnival a few weeks ago, My kids wanted to play the game where you throw darts at balloons – ‘on the shelf’.  And the plates are a display my mother has in her charming, older home.  I just thought they describe her perfectly.  🙂

Now please head on over and see what CLARA  has for this week!

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  • Kate - Love this so much. We haven’t taken the boys to a carnival in so long. We really need to do it again soon. 🙂

  • misty setzler - Oh beautiful processing! love the ballon idea!

  • Deanna - love your processing on both. I also like how they all have a grainy texture to them–creates a richness in texture with the color combinations!

  • gretchen - love the colors!

  • Dana Cubbage - Love this take on the theme! So different 🙂

  • Sabrina - What a pleasing juxtaposition of the bright colors and pastels. I love fairs–so much fun for kids and so many opportunities with the camera!Love your processing and how you used the Lightbox. Something I need to spend some more time on with my blog! Those balloons are kind of mesmerizing if you look at them long enough….

Ok – yes – another challenge I have taken on for 2012 – The Fine Art Challenge.

Inspired by Nichole Van and her group {Elevate}, several photographers and I have decided to take some time each month to explore the fine art side of photography. Each month, we will post a photo or series of images focused on art and photography. There are no rules. Just post what comes from the heart and spark those creative juices, allowing the inner artist a chance to explore and fly.




Please head on over to Jackie Peterson Photography in Chicago to see her fine art piece –

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  • Aleck - Yay!!! This is awesome! I love the blog . I love your logo and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this sisseon. You rocked this newborn!!! Totally impressed! I may be emailing you soon for tips. I love all the brown tones and textures. Can’t wait to see more.

  • Ali C - The perspective and composition in this shot are perfect. I adore the colors and the processing which gives it that vintage feel. I so want to go to a fair!

  • Nancy - Beautiful Mary! Love the vintage processing on it. Makes me want to go for a ride 🙂

  • lisa - I love this so much. It’s like
    a soft summer afternoon eating cotton candy
    and hearing laughter. Love your style.

  • Skye - Vintage carnivale, a sweet taste of happiness 🙂

  • Katie - I love the pretty, creamy colors! Makes you happy to look at in these dreary winter days. And your processing is fantastic. Great image! 🙂

  • Cara - Oh, mary! This is stunning! I would totally print this and hang it BIG in my home, it’s breathtaking.

  • Valeria - Love this image. So soft.

  • Kristi Ahrens - What a cool shot, great composition, and lovely processing. I felt like I could literally smell the cotton candy when I looked at this!

  • Susan Gietka - So beautiful Mary. I love the composition and the vintage post processing. Looks dreamy!

  • Liz - What an awesome shot! Great perspective & processing. The lights look like little dot candies – love it. I just really adore this shot!

  • Debbie Wibowo - SQUEEEE… loooove this!! It makes me happy.

  • Jackie P - It’s a beautiful day and I’m off on a ride, having the time of my life….oh I love your art!

  • Jan - Love the composition and the vintage processing. It takes me to another place.

  • Renee - I love it!!! I’m seriously squealing:) What a fun image. So creative with the pp’ing. It’s a vintage carnival. I love this.

  • nicole - what a great picture! It makes me miss the warmth of summer.

  • jessica marchetti - love mary! i adore the processing. vintage creamy and dreamy 🙂

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