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I am flattered and overjoyed with the attention that THIS post has received regarding my transformation of my office.  Lots of inquires regarding the size of the canvasses, and how I came to this arrangement.


Once we had the grey paint up on the wall, I put one of my black white canvasses that I had already owned against it and loved the way it looked.  I KNEW I wanted to cover that wall.  It’s a front room in our house – so as soon as you walk in, it’s a very visible space so I focused more time and expense working on this wall.


I’m a very flow with it type of gal.  Terrible at planning.  I already owned the square canvas of mikey’s closeup and the one of him jumping superman style.  I ordered some more canvasses from CanvasOnDemand thinking I would arrange them once they came.   Not very logical – I know.  Numbers don’t compute in my head, so I didn’t really measure very well.  (I order all my canvasses from CanvasOnDemand – and am so giddy when they show up!  It’s a bit of an obsession with me!)


I documented a little of my process for one of my 10 on 10 personal projects.  These images didn’t make the cut for my 10on10, and I never thought I would need them.  So glad I did document this – I had no idea the questions and attention would flood in about this project.  Again – I’m very flattered!  I’m not in business, so I don’t really put myself ‘out there’ on the web.  I do want to answer all the emails individually, but I figured I would post this first then will get to the emails (if that’s ok with you?)  Thank you so much!


First I laid them out on the floor –



Then rearranged, brought in some others that I had…..





Once I decided on some keepers for the wall, my sweet husband begrudgingly hung them.  He really dislikes hanging picture (and curtain rods).  I’m soooo thankful that my new cleaning lady’s husband is VERY handy and I now hire him to do all the little honey do’s!  (my husband is thankful too!)


I do wish I took images of the middle of the process.  Instead – after hanging a few, he was tired and we had THIS  little fun session with Mikey.   I’m glad I documented that one at least.



Once the canvasses were partially on the wall, I did measure the existing space and ordered them accordingly.  If you look above – two of those canvasses on the floor did not make the wall.  I do have them in other areas in the house and am pleased.  I’ll do another blog post on one of my hallways where I hung images/painted and got new lights – so keep a lookout for that one soon.  🙂

Ok – Sizes of the canvasses:


Left side  – From top to bottom

Top left – 31×30 – Chris’s face looking at camera

Left #2 – 17×30 – Mikey looking off to side

Left #3 – 16×30 – Two boys

Left #4 – 16×30 – Mikey



Top Middle – 30×40 – Mikey superman style

Middle – 35×35 – Mikey’s closeup



Top Right – 20×30 – Chris looking off to the side

Right #2 – 20×30 – Two boys

Right #3 – 24×30 – Two boys

Right #4 – 15×30 – Mikey lashes


I do feel bad that I have more of Mikey on there than Chris – But I do have plenty of canvasses of Chris elsewhere in the house.  And quite honestly, he does not like having his picture taken.  I’m sure many of you can relate – especially if you have BOYS! Right?


Any help on what do do with all those cords would be greatly appreciated!





Sorry about the repost of some of these – Just in case you missed it the first time.


Since my last blog post about this office transformation, I’ve also had a lot of inquires about the furniture.  Table and Bookcase are from Nadeau .  I really love that store.  Not sure how the other locations  look and work, but in Dallas, you walk into a very pretty warehouse (as pretty as warehouses can get) and gather  your ‘sold’ stickers.  Once you decide on a piece, you put your sold sticker on the item’s tag , basically to claim your item so no one else nabs it.  So if you are a bargain shopper like me, I highly recommend this store.  Beautiful antique looking, high end mostly wood furniture for great prices.  I’ve been sending all my friends to that store – seems like a really great secret that not too many people in my area knew about!  I believed I paid $300 for that table and the bookcase had a small crack in the back, but was still structurally sound.  The discounted price on that goodie was only about $187.  The colors of the legs actually match better than how it appears in this image.  Lack of attention in processing on my part.  Hope you can get an idea.


I really like arranging art and have helped several friends with what to do with their walls.  I like to consult – don’t ask me to hang though!  lol.  If you are interested in a consultation on what to do with your existing artwork and/or what to purchase for a space, send me a message.  (locals only please)  I also love consulting on rearranging furniture, space planning, etc.  I’ll post some more on my house soon.  It’s a process.













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  • Monica - Love this! Can u tell me what size wall that is?

  • jody reichel - which canvas option did you order from please?

  • Shelia Williams - My problems is my snapshots are old and not enough mega pixils and that makes me sad because I wanted this for den wall so bad !

  • Cocoa Mo - Very nice! Just wondering what is the paint color you used for your photo wall? Thanks!


  • Mary Schannen - Great idea!I love the drill a hole -Although I love the table – I got it at a really great price, so it won’t sting too much…:). Thanks!

  • Rose - Love the pictures. As for the cords, if you’re willing to drill a hole into the table do so and then run the cords under it and then attach them to the underside of the table top. Screw a power strip to the table apron(under the table), then you’ll only have the power cord running out to the outlet. If you don’t want to cut a hole in the table then use the cord covers that others talked about and just run it under the table. The rest stays the same.

  • Mary Schannen - Arley – OMGoodness – Seriously I just did that this past weekend! I had a lidded basket – but didn’t think to put a hole in it. I may check out my home goods to see if they have one with hole. I don’t trust myself to actually cut a hole without ruining it! Thanks!

  • Arley - Just love your photo wall. I can’t wait to do one too. I have an idea for your cords. I bought a large lidded basket from Home Goods (mine actually has holes at the top sides for grabbing the basket, you can always cut holes in them as they are fairly inexpensive) I cram all the cords into the basket and place it against the wall. To make it look more like it belongs there, I bought the next smallest size basket and stacked it on top. Hope that works for you.

  • Allison - I love this series- It has inspired me to do a similar one in my studio and home. I cannot wait! Lovely images.
    Allison Cordner

  • Christina Skinner - Oh wow, I’m so jealous! What a wonderful space to work in.

  • Kurt Christoph - I love that wall thnks for the idea

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  • SandyM - Also had the fabric covered cord idea, but you could feed the cords from the table into a basket (large decorative wastebasket or a wicker basket) with a hole cut in the side near the bottom to feed out to the wall. Or, you could use a small shelf unit, painted to coordinate with your desk, placed at the end of the desk. Drill holes in the back to feed the cords through. The power units can sit on the shelves. Again, you’ll have only one or two cords going from the shelf to the wall. You can cover those with one of the flat cord covers made for carpets. If there isn’t one to blend with your carpet, spray paint it. Good luck. Hope one of these ideas works for you.

  • Patricia Holcomb - cord cover – I use the fabric covers they make for hanging lamps. They hold more than regular cord covers and look kind of elegant. Love your wall!!!

  • ANNIEDOBIE - Would love to know how you made canvassed with black and white pics…love the wall. Thank you

  • Michelle - your photos are amaizing, nice job, i would love to work in that office all day, although i might move my desk so that i could also enjoy it as well.

  • Shelley - Please advise where you purchased your prints. I have several black and white printed I’d like to blow up to much larger size but want to get good prints. Your wall looks awesome!

  • Kris - Your photographs are so beautiful! And what a gorgeous way to display them – really inspiring!

  • Lisa - THank you SOOO much for sharing your dimensions. I was close, but off on a few and am so thankful that you posted them. I’m planning on doing something similar for our master bedroom and haven’t seen one I like as much as yours. You’ve inspired me! Thank you,

  • Janet - Mary

    Love your wall. It’s absolutely precious. Just a thought on your cords because that is so a peeve of my own. W
    hy not cover them with a fabric gathered cord cover. Something in a creamy color to go with the color of the furniture. Make it part of the decor. But it needs to be scrunchy looking so I would make sure it’s gathered. Just a thought. Love your office.


  • Christina Block - Beautiful. As a fellow photographer & holding a passionate {love} for black and white images {miss my film days}…I appreciate this wall very much so!

  • Kim - Absolutely beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing! I’ve been wanting to do something if this sort as a “headboard” look. Seeing this really makes me want to get started, finally! 😉

  • Melanie Sikma - AMAZING. I love it. I just redid my office and have been putting off hanging photos on my big empty wall. Now I am inspired! Thank you for the great post.

  • Andrey - Hey : ) That photos are really creative, especially the working area, I would like to use a photo on my Blog, it would be a part of a compilation of inspirational workplaces.

    Thank you

  • Inspired Ideas for a Stylish Life with Baby - […] home office—with a stunning photo wall behind the desk that is to die for!!! Mary has written a detailed post about how she arranged the canvases and the sizes of each piece, so be sure to pay her a visit for […]

  • Cate Crandell (@wherescate) - Wow, I am so happy I found your blog from Pinterest! I was wondering how I was going to display images I took from my Peace Corps adventure, and this is exactly how I want to do it! You really have a talent for arranging things!

TEMPTATION – this week’s theme……So much to document – I feel I struggle with it every day – The chocolate that calls me, the need to not work out (I give into that one a lot) red wine, pinterest, shopping, decorating, looking at the latest photography products, etc – not in that order.  But – did I document any of that – NOOOOOOOOoooooooo.

Again – last minute nellie (I’m sounding like a broken record) – after school today – took out the camera with the kiddos and the dogs.  Here is my temptation post…


Oreos – A Big Thing in our house – YUM!


PINIMAGEAnd of course Mikey gives into temptation to get in on this one……PINIMAGE



Ut Oh – Watch out for Duke!!!!

PINIMAGENaughty Doggie!  Love how he looks at me while sniffing – pleading…..He SO KNOWS he’s NOT supposed to be doing that!PINIMAGE



Here little Abby is getting into the action too!



Duke is eyeing up some crumbs – I think I’ll let him have them…

PINIMAGENow Please head over to see what gorgeous images CLARA has for us today!

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  • misty setzler - HAHAAA the photo of abby love it! I’m sure your boys where happy to help with the cookies involved!

  • Sabrina - Mary, you’re going to make me go out and buy some Oreos now! Absolutely LOVE these images!!!! Your boys and dogs are just SO precious! Love!!

  • Ramon Arana - Hi Mary, I live in Mexico and just found your work via Pinterest! wow I just love your photos and love the natural look of them, i´m starting to do business from my photograph and finding my style….I was very indentified with your photo style so sorry but I would like to ask you , which camera you shoot, recommend lenses, …. again, sorry for ask this!
    Is there any workshop you recommend the most?
    Thanks for your time and gongrats for your photos and children …great models! just vote!
    Hope to keep in touch with you and if you need something from Mexico feel free to ask too… Saludos & Adios !

  • Sio - I love your dogs !
    My own dogs let me take pictures of them, but my kids are not as patient as yours…
    I like your pictures, I like this blog…. will come back.

  • denean - love this series Mary! Adorable kids and pup – and awesome tower of chocolate goodness!

  • ginger - love them mary!!! what’s not to love about oreos!!! love your sweet duke and abby too!! great job!

  • Holly - Ok, this is fabulous!! Not only do I LOVE your perspective this week, but your images are gorgeous!

  • Melinda - Love these Mary! Especially that last one of Duke – love his expression!

  • Clara - That is one AWESOME tower of oreos!!! And Duke and Abby are just adorable!!!

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So it occurred to  me that I had started my office ‘project’ just about a year ago, and aside from curtains, I am close to done.  However, knowing me, I’m sure I will be rearranging a few things.

I had decided to move our beloved piano from the ‘music room’ to the livingroom, giving myself an office.  If you are interested in reading more about the actual piano move- you can go HERE.   ( I know you will be hitting  that link b/c my life is just soooo interesting!  lol)

Withing this past year, we painted this room,  (a huge THANK YOU to my cleaning lady’s handy husband, he painted this room in addition to nearly the entire house for a VERY good price,) adopted two retired racing greyhounds, took a well needed break from the photography business and got my sanity back.  🙂


May, 2011.  The End of a ‘music room’ that was never used.


May 10th, 2011.  The beginning of my new office and the beginning of that Gallery Wall.



So fast forward a year, we repainted the inset a grey color and the main walls a lighter white/cream.  ‘Cooled’ down the color temperatures, and finally finished that wall.  Sorry about the pile of cords on the side.  I’m not perfect.  🙂



These are all 1.5 inch canvasses from CanvasOnDemand.   If you are interested in sizes and how I arranged them – Please go HERE

PINIMAGEPINIMAGEPINIMAGESo after the wall was finished, a got that chair from Pier 1.  And my boys have ‘their’ office upstairs with Ikea chairs.  Some day I may paint those cabinets.



Table (that I use as a desk) and bookcase are from Nadeau.



Knowing me,  I will most likely find a new home for those canvasses some day.  I tend to do that a lot – rearrange things.   That chest of drawers is from my grandparents house and I just love it!PINIMAGE


What’s really nice about this transformation, is we now have a nice bright room in the front of the house that not only gets used A LOT, but it allows me to be with my family more.  I used to work in a room in the back of the house (the dungeon) and that just wasn’t good.


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  • Jen - Can you tell me the size of your wall space? The height and length. thanks!

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  • Tracy H - I’d LOVE to know what color the paint colors were for the gray and the light cream color! It’s beautiful!!!

  • Jayme - Your office is so inspiring! Makes me want to put more on my walls!

  • My Office Wall | - […] From Music Room to Office – […]

  • Jess - I love this! What size are the three photos on the bottom left?

  • Breanna - it looks like the perfect office space- love the colors & decorating, congratulations!

  • Sarah Albert - Wow!! I love this. Thank you for the inspiration. 🙂

  • Christina - What an amazing space! That wall of images took my breath away.

  • Mary Schannen - Thank you so much everyone – This post is actually getting a lot of attention – (which doesn’t happen to me very much – I really do not ‘put myself out there’). I’m flattered!

    Ok – Angela/Janet – I will measure and will get back to you – but to give you a frame of reference – the middle closeup is a 35×25, above it is a 30×40 (superman jump). I had those two first – put them against the wall and decided to fill up the space with more canvasses. I ordered the canvasses based on the space I had available. It took a while – there was a good amount of time the wall was half done – that bothers me. I feel much better when a project that I am staring at actually gets done!

    Kelly/Matt – The desk – which yes – is a table I got from Nadeau – A national store located in many cities across the US. The link is above the image with both the table and bookcase. I love that store!

  • Matt Davis - Hi there,

    I happened across this blog/site after seeing your great looking gallery wall on Pintrestl. Fab photos, you’ve got some sweet looking kids. Most of all though totally lovin’ your desk.

    Hope you don’t mind I also pinned it to my ‘wall art’ inspiration collection.

    >off to get my son to jump across the sofa ‘superman style’ and photograph him too!<

  • hope - in love!! jealous of your artistry and your home!!! you are amazing mary!

  • Kelly Woofter - Where did you find your desk (table)?! I have searched antique stores, flea markets etc. for the same table and can’t find one! I’m a little picky 🙂

    Your room is beautiful!!

  • Leslie - Umm… let me pick my jaw up off the floor! Your office is stunning! Every single canvas is amazing and I love the color you chose!

  • Janet - LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this!!! I am actually thinking about doing something very similar! I have a very similar room in my house that doesn’t get used, but I need an office. How did you decide on the sizes of the canvases? Did you measure the walls and then figure? What are the measurements of your canvases? Thanks!!!


  • Beth Ross | Tyler TX Photographer - LOVE that wall of pictures!!! It is amazing. I love your office, too. The colors are so soft and soothing. You get gorgeous light in your house.

  • Angela - Totally gorgeous. I love the canvas behind your desk. Do you mind sharing the sizes. Thanks

  • Mary Schannen - Thank you Everyone!

    Natasha – that color is Web Grey from Shermin Williams. But be careful – in some rooms it looks more blue.

    And I apologize if you get an error message – I usually do get all the comments, even though my blog may tell you it’s an error. Kind of frustrating.

  • natasha klein - Hi I’m in the with your gallery/wall. love the look of the b&w on the grey walls! beautiful
    would love to know the name of the grey paint color. please. thanks

  • Stephanie Moore {Tucson AZ Photographer} - Oh no now I have MAJOR house envy. I love your house so much, it’s perfect. The color in the office is so classy and fun and the rest of your house is just gorgeous, beautiful job!!

  • Sabreena K - So beautiful! What I wouldn’t give for a space like this!

  • Krista Lund - what a wonderful space you created. love your photo wall!!

  • tabitha - OMG..that wall! Insanely insanely gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Warning  – Mommy Goggle Post!!!!

And he had just fell off the swing from doing his typical stunts – so there are some scrapes on his nose and forehead.  I cleaned the scrapes but did not want his hair  to get on his forehead scrapes so we put a do-rag on his head to keep the hair off.  Most of these are taken like that – then we put some Neosporin and a big bandaid after the photos.  With the do-rag,  he was acting all gangster!

Here we have a cheek…(And grey hair due to my lack of attention when processing…..)  Poor kid is aging too quickly!

PINIMAGEWhen he squints – I love those little six year old wrinkles…..


His Eyelashes…




PINIMAGESeriously  – enough  Ok – as the mommy – I see crinkles, teeth, mouth, the feeling and expression (and dirty fingernails!)PINIMAGE

tongue and eye





Please head on over to see the pretty images of CLARA .  !!!  I’m sure you will love them!

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  • efi - love it!!!! the sequence really works nice!!!!!!

  • Melinda - Mary these are so him! You’ve captured his personality beautifully. Also love the lighting and processing.

  • Sabrina - Oh how I love these. Makes me want to get a series of my boys right now. And then every month. I just can’t get enough of these sweet features. Gorgeous!

  • Holly - So cute. Love every bit of these, especially the last image!

  • ginger - love these..the softness and processing you do is always beautiful! love his freckles!!

  • project 52 l week 17 l facial features » Ginger Unzueta Photography - […] continue with our blog circle and see what mary shannen of melange photography has captured this […]

‘Really Mom?’




Now please head on over to Clara to see her take on the theme –

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  • Mary Schannen - Thank you everyone – Elaine – sorry for my late response – I’m pretty sure I used my 24-70 for this one – if not that then the 50 1.4.

  • Sabrina - Mary it’s gorgeous as always. With such a touch of humor! Love!

  • elaine - I love this. Can I ask what lens you used? It is by far one of the best things I have seen recently. great job!

  • Efi - So true :), love it!

  • Dana Cubbage - Ha! I can just hear him saying that 🙂 Great shot!

  • Clara - Wow… I really, really, really love this Mary! The light, the shadow… the sharpness, the clarity of the processing… my goodness, I love it all! BEAUTIFULLY done!!!

  • project 52 l week 16 l expressive » Ginger Unzueta Photography - […] head on over to see what Mary Schannen of Melange Photography has for this week’s theme… Posted in Project 52 2012: The Bloom Forum « a […]

  • Kate - ack! I love this shot so much. Real, honest and lovely light!!! Goodness I need to do some shots like this with my babies!!!

  • Melinda - Love it Mary! I’ve seen that look many times…

So….. on the way home from school, I asked the boys ,”OK , who wants to help me with my ‘homework’ “.  Mikey readily agreed so I told him to get his box of shoes (we keep the kids shoes that they wear regularly in a box in the downstairs closet ).  We headed outside and I asked him what can we do with all these shoes?  So he said ‘Let’s have a sale, like in a store”, So I told him to put the shoes out ‘for sale’.



So after putting all the shoes out ‘for sale’ he got a little bored, so he put on his favorite pair of boots and started acting like himself – a total goofball –


I love him so much!   He literally makes me laugh everyday!  Now please head on over to Clara’s post to see her pretty images!

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  • denean - these are really the sweetest photos. What a fun little boy! Love those boots 🙂

  • Deanna - Love love love those boots! And I love your processing!! Such a boy!!!

  • Linsey - Cute shots! I love your creativity and fun cropping!

  • Clara - LOL… loving all these action shoe shots! I can feel the joy and energy in these images!

  • Melinda - Love these Mary! Really love the feel of the last two.

10th of the month – time for the 10 on 10 – Ten images documenting a day.  A project that a group of Bloom photographers and myself are involved in.

Before photography, I used to paint.  Somehow, my paintings became popular and long story short – within a couple of years after I started, quite by accident, I got an agent at the Dallas World Market and he sold my paintings (and my business partner’s) to many high end home decor stores thoughout Texas, Louisianna and Oklahoma.  Mostly small stores, but a few larger retailers bought the paintings.  I had a group of artists who worked for us recreating our designs on canvas to fill the orders.

Market crash, and the paintings stopped selling quite as quickly – and quite frankly, I was starting my photography interest at the time, so I had welcomed the change and put more and more effort in teaching myself photography.

Sometimes I still like to paint – and lately I’ve been experimenting with different colors, more of a modern look, different than what I was doing when before.  Maybe if I get a good amount of canvasses done, then I’ll contact my agent again to see if he wants to sell them.  But then, it may become a ‘production’ thing again instead of creating fun art.  (He starts coming in with ‘orders’ from stores).  I shouldn’t complain if it does, but I stopped doing photography as a business – so obviously it’s the ‘business’ part that doesn’t fit in my life right now.

Well – here is something I’m not quite finished with yet.  I work on it when I’m watching TV or in my spare time.




I think I’m done with this one – Didn’t varnish it yet – not sure if I’m going to.  If it stays in my house – I can do whatever I want with it.  If I sell it – I will varnish it first.


One of my babies.


Boy play.


Ok – so I cheated a bit this month – I really was enjoying this next series – so it was hard to pick just one to document this playtime.

PINIMAGEPINIMAGEPINIMAGEPINIMAGEPINIMAGEPINIMAGEThe twins next door just turned two, so they happened to stumble into some pretty light in their party clothes and balloons – Perfect photo op – so I grabbed the camera and shot a few.

PINIMAGENow please continue the circle to Pam Parisi to see her pretty images!

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  • Pam - Love your post-processing. Very serene. I think my favorites have to be the last images with the twins. That light was gorgeous. Oh, the photo with your dog’s nose was too cute!

  • Melinda - Love these Mary! Beautiful images!

  • Krista Lund - love the water series! and twins + gorgeous light + party clothes = love!

  • Amy - Wow, I really like this whole post! Goodness, I LOVE those water hose images!! Isn’t it great to sit back and watch kids have fun?! Great images, Mary!!

  • Kimberlee Edwards Photography | Cary NC Photographer - Mary- I just love those sprinkler images! There is something so magical about the way the light is catching the water. I can see why you had a hard time picking.



Ok – so I am last minute nellie and did not prepare for this week’s theme – to describe a person without showing their face.  So when my two boys got home from school, I took out the camera and documented the personalities.  Shoes were off in the first 10 seconds – and left in the yard of course!   My older one loves to just swing and he is a bit more conventional than my younger one – who is a total goofball – loves to climb, sing, perform, you name any goofball thing – he makes me laugh every day.  So this was a 30 minute playtime in our backyard today .


After looking at these – Please take a look at CLARA’s post to see what pretty images she came up with!








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  • gretchen - thse are all so creative…I see freedom and happiness!

  • denean - Love seeing boys be boys! Gorgeous light and color!

  • Dana Cubbage - I agree with Ginger. Great job. I also love the soft hazy light effect your images have. Simply lovely!

  • ginger - last minute or not, you did fabulous!!! always love the softness to your work!!! Great job!

P i n t e r e s t   a n d   F l i c k r
S o m e   o f   m y   f a v o r i t e   b l o g s