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Love, Love, Love this family! The two boys are so fun and precious and LOOK at those big blue eyes! With family coming in from out of town, they called me to take some family images. It was a fun morning – and since the Texas weather can be pretty brutal in July, they were great sports, meeting at 7:30am and we ended up with a nice swim!


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A certain song resonated the hallways as the 6th graders marched through on the last day of school.  It stuck in the Schannen household as the kids asked to listen to said song over and over.  So after this fun shoot with so many images that typically would not fit for print (at least for most photographer’s standards) I decided on creating a little slideshow with said song.


We did mange to get one image that worked.




To see the slideshow – Please CLICK HERE.



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Well – probably the most easiest theme to date for a child photographer.


Here are some highlights of a recent session -  It was a family session, (and one of my favorite families)  but I am posting their two adorable boys.  Still so ‘innocent’. PINIMAGEPINIMAGEPINIMAGEPINIMAGEPINIMAGEPINIMAGEPINIMAGE


Now please continue the circle to see what Clara over at Heart Inspired Photography has this week.  🙂

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  • Holly - Mary, these are awesome! Especially love the processing on the second to last set. 🙂

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  • ginger - as always gorgeous mary! you captured their true that first shot!

OK – so I have been a nonparticipating member until now of a Fine Art group from Bloom,.  This month I’ve been shooting a bit and some of the images I hope to consider ‘Art’.




A very rare occasion when it rains during a sunset!




Now that you are done here – Please take a look at Cara over at Mischief and Laughs Photography to see her beautiful work!

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  • denean - Mary you are so talented! These are all so gorgeous!

  • Katie - These are gorgeous! I commented on a couple in a Bloom thread. Where did you get all these beautiful little models?! Lucky girl!

    I love all of them but one of my favorites is the third from the bottom where she’s looking down. There’s something about it that immediately makes me think of summer. Gorgeous processing!

    I’m SO glad you’re a part of this group. Love your work!

  • Nancy - Mary ~ what can I say ~ I love them all!!! They are just gorgeous beautiful images that speak without words! Well done as always!!

  • skye - Your work is just so stunning and every image is amazing, I really love the rain shots especially there is so much detail and texture in them. The girl in the pool has such gorgeous light and detail I love it!

  • JanM - These are really beautiful images…love them all but the rain shots, wow! Glad you were able to join us this month.

  • Valeria - Amazing images. I am so glad that you could share so much inspiration in our group. Every composition is wonderful, the processing… beautiful work.

  • Carrie - These are all so gorgeous. I love your style!

  • Susan Gietka - Wow, I had to look at these over and over again. Can’t get enough!

  • Jackie P - So glad you were able to join in this time, your images are beautiful…all of them.

  • amy grace - oh mary…these are exquisite. the rain, the light, the compositions, the depth of feeling, are all so incredibly beautiful. your images have such a distinct and lovely look to them. i love that you have your own voice, and it always sings…

  • Renee Bonuccelli - Oh my! Stunning! I”m so glad you’ve joined in! Your work is breath-taking. I love these images – all of them – so many I can’t even pick a favourite.

  • Melinda - Beautiful images Mary!

  • Debbie Wibowo - Mary, oh I looove your style and pics. The rain shots, the girl with long hair in BW, they are all magical. Been admiring your pics for a while and glad you join the group!

All over the world….(have that Nothin’ On You song in my head – don’t remember who the original artist is.)



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  • Kirsty-Abu Dhabi - Just stunning – so beautiful and peaceful yet full of joy all at the same time

  • Val Spring - What a stunning session you did here, Mary! So dreamy, and delicate and perfect for these 2 little girls! The b&W’s are incredible and I can not stop looking at that pink and yellow flower shot, just so beautiful! Love this whole set so much!

  • Love Daley - Encouragement…not that you need it.

    Its rare that we ever find out the impact that we have on an unknown persons life. It could be a smile at a stranger when they were having a bad day, or a “thank you” to someone who felt like the world never noticed them…I guess I could have said it in much simpler terms or fewer words, but i thought you deserved more…you are a HUGE inspiration. Not that the statement means much to you, Im just a baby in the photography world, but my appreciation for art I guess you can say is as an aged grandmothers. Thank you for you beautiful work…im in awe by it…thought you should know the impact you have had on me and my making the first steps (baby steps) into the photography realm. Your photographs are art…and your style is patented! never seen anything like it…and your story is beautiful too…just wanted you to know you have touched someone many miles away, that you dont know and probably will never meet. Thank you
    God bless you in abundance! hope he opens up the floodgates of heaven and pours numerous blessings on you and your family.


  • jules - you are such an amazing artist. I love your light and shadows on the bridge. and I adore the full sun on this beautiful little girlie!

  • Beth Ross | Tyler TX Photographer - These are just absolutely gorgeous. Your models are beautiful and you really rocked the light.

  • Sara T - Gorgeous, Mary. I adore all the B&W’s, lines and shadows you captured. Beautiful work. Stunning little girl.

  • Skye - How gorgeous are these! Every single one. The girls are divine and your pp is amazing.

  • Carrie Terrones (Las Vegas Photographer) - Wow…this is a gorgeous session Mary! Love their hair, the light, the dresses…everything comes together beautifully!

  • Debbie Wibowo - Awesome job, Mary. Indeed beautiful girls. I really love the ones on the carefree.

  • Callie - wow Mary! these are stunning!

  • amy grace - these are otherworldy mary. beautiful girls with an amazing photographer 🙂


Usually I have a lot of ideas for each theme.  For some reason this one was a little difficult for me.

And then it dawned on me the last minute when I saw this photo that I took  last night.

When it comes to Religion, I am a very private person.

Here is a little internal prayer.  It’s minimal.   I have a lot more to say.  But that is in between God and I.


Dear God,

From the bottom of my heart….

Thank you for my life.

Thank you for my abilities.

I will try to help more people with what I can every day.



And of course, in my faith, no one is more powerful than God.



Please continue the circle to Michele  to see her take on this theme!


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  • Efi - No words..! Faith and power in one image..!!

  • Holly - Well said, Mary. 🙂 love your message and image alike!

  • Ginger - Gorgeous image…always love the airiness you capture!! Love your message!!!agreed!


It’s a great song and I think of it often.  It reminds me that no matter what, To live in the here and now.  It’s no use to get frustrated over silly things (or things that are not so silly).  Some day I’ll look back on this and just smile.  🙂


Tuesday, May 8th, 2012.

Throughout the day, I had a certain song in my head.


Both boys woke up sick.

Washing Machine that is only 2 months old decided to flood.

I had a mini freakout on the phone with Sears.

I will be without a Washing Machine until Friday.

Every towel in the house was used to soak up all the water. We are using small dishtowels and wash cloths when we shower.  (it’s actually pretty funny)

There is damage to the house because of the flood.

There is a mess in just about every room in the house.

The kids refuse to clean up.

The kids decided they were going to wear multiple outfits today.

Chris HATES getting his picture taken.  Constantly putting his hand up, looking/running away, blocking himself every time the camera comes out.

Kids get better so I took them out to test out a new location (for five minutes).

Of course, Chris pouted the whole time.

When I try to take a photo of Chris while he’s not looking, Mikey photobombs it.

There’s always toothpaste in the kid’s sinks.

I can never get them to make up their beds.  I don’t even try anymore.


You know – it doesn’t really matter.  I love my kids, my husband and my life.  It’s really not so bad.  (It’s pretty great actually.)  The kids will grow up.  I’ll miss the toys all over.  I’ll miss the pouts and constant complaining from Chris.  As do all kids, they grow and change.  And they will move out of the house.  Have their own families, kids, toys, mess, complaints.  And I will miss it.

 PLEASE GO HERE TO VIEW MY SLIDESHOW FEATURING  – Trace Atkins – You’re Gonna Miss This.

Then come back and GO TO CLARA’S PLACE to see her always to pretty imagery!


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  • Mia - I came across your site through a pin on Pinterest and I will be back! You sound like a wonderful soul and I love your office wall grouping of canvases. I like the entire space. Any way. Too bad we live so far apart or I might have to have coffee. I’m not a stalker just a fellow photographer.

  • denean - Loved the slideshow!! And I just adore the photo of the toys all over the floor. That is my house every day… and I remind myself often that I will miss this one day too! 🙂

  • Holly - WOW! What a beautiful way to illustrate such a neat song. Well done! 🙂

  • Clara - This is so true and really resonated with me… Love your slideshow of images… put together perfectly for the song!

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