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I grew up in NYC and my husband grew up by the Jersey Shore (not like the TV show mind you – lol), but we have been to plenty of beaches growing up and assumed that we would always have a beach nearby in our lives.  However, we now live in North Texas and both my boys were born and raised here.  There are no beaches near by, and that is the only thing I miss about living here.   This was only the second time my boys were ever on a beach.  We plan to make more beach trips – and I wish I had more time for photographs, (this was a little side visit for this trip).   However, I’m thankful for what I have of this memorable time.  Here are just a few.

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Oh how I love this little beautiful girl.  She and her family are so dear to us and she’s like a little sister to my boys.  We went to the park one day to have some fun.  Apparently, when she got home, she never wanted to take that dress off!

I chose a Florabella overlay for these.  I felt it fit the mood perfectly.

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  • Alexandra Andrews - She is just soooo cute, but what lovely pictures, it all looks so magical and perfect,and finally, how did she keep that white dress so clean !!!!!!

  • Renee - These have such a soft, whimsical feel. Absolutely gorgeous!

  • Melinda - Beautiful series Mary!

  • Jenny - Those are fabulous!!! Just beautiful!!!

Well – I finally did it -  got myself one of these ‘blogs’ and I’m starting ‘to blog’.  Everyone is doing it – It just takes me a little longer I  guess.  Up until this post, this blog has basically been a photographic summary of the latter half of 2010, some client work, my art (both photography and mixed media) and my family.

Ever since I stared this journey, it has been constant studying, shooting, practicing, non stop studying (didn’t I just say that?), and I’m still studying.   I don’t think any photographer could in a clear head and heart can say that they ‘know’ it all – even the masters.  Trends are constantly changing, new technology and coming up with new inspiration.  I get all giddy when I learn a new photoshop trick or get a hold of an awesome lens.  Most moms becoming photographers are like that.  We’ve become weird.  Our friends don’t understand us, (unless they are a photographer of course).  Why spend so much time on the computer editing photos and spending so much money on lenses, computers, software, more software, etc.?  Don’t know.  I just LOVE it!

I soooo wish I didn’t have to do it as a business.  Don’t get me wrong.  I LOVE what I do – just wish I didn’t have to always charge for it.  There certainly is a price for me to keep going, and if there are people out there willing to pay me, God willing, I will keep going.    If all of a sudden my husband gets the promotion of a lifetime, or we win the lottery, I promise – FREE sessions for all of my clients!

One thing I have not focused on, at all, was marketing.   I got into photography to document my children.  I fell in love and started creating art while not only documenting my own children, but other children and their families as well.  Then, I became very fortunate that people wanted to actually pay me to create photographic art pieces for their families.  Then more and more business came in from referrals and repeat clients.  I did very little marketing – I have a website and participate on a few social media sites, but that’s about all.  I actually just ordered some business cards!  Now that’s just silly!

So – here’s my blog.  Simple.  I like it, however I’m sure it will be tweaked. I’ll just sit here and listen to the crickets until someone decides to actually post a comment.  That will MAKE MY DAY!!! (hint, hint)

Here’s a few of my own from 2010.  My loves, the reason I started this photography deal in the first place.

Thanks –


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  • goldfishka - All stylishly written

  • Grethel Van Epps - Beautiful!!!!

  • Grethel Van Epps - Beautiful!!!!..

  • Sandi - The blog looks awesome! I love the post galleries. Very cool idea. I seen your work on The Creative Mama and was blown away. You definitely have talent and I am adding your blog to my reader.

  • Tiffany - These images are amazing, serene, and so natural. You are such a talented artist!

  • christine - beautiful images. gorgeous boys.

  • Sally - These are spectacular. Really beautiful work Mary. And your boys are gorgeous! I know only one person is the Dallas area, but I will send your info to her in case she is ever interested in hiring a photographer. She also has two beautiful boys. Keep up the amazing work!

  • Mona G. - Beautiful work! Love the blog!

  • Stacey Erickson - Beautiful pictures!!!! Congratulations on your blog, it looks perfect, as usual!!! Good luck with it and I will keep checking for new photos, as I love to look at your work.

  • Rachel C. - Mary, glad to “see” you and see your work here on your blog!

  • Susan Vilven - I have always loved anything you do – decor, art, photography… You are amazingly talented, and also one of my true, special friends. I am beyond proud of you, for you – you have worked so hard. Keep up the good work, Mary! I can’t wait to visit your blog on a regular basis!!

  • Mary Schannen - Thank you everyone!

  • Susan Monaghan - Beautiful pictures

  • Melinda - Yea Mary!!!! Congrats on your new blog! It looks great!

  • michele - Yay! Congratulations on the blog!!!!

  • Mary Phillips - Love the blog! Welcome to the 21st century! The layout of the pics is awesome, I’m a little jealous…

  • Delilah - Great Job Mary!

    My father was a photographer. It was his hobby, and I was his subject. I understand the joy of new gadgets and new techniques. I look forward to your thoughts on lighting, mood and “tricks”! Much success to you-

  • Andre Lawless - Mary, your work is beautiful! You have a real gift for capturing images that show as much of the internal light and life in your subjects as their external attributes. I wish you the best of luck, though you clearly have so much talent that the luck really isn’t needed. If I ever find myself in your neck of the woods with MY kids I would love to see the results! Andre

Oh how quickly they change and the G family certainly knows about that.  They came to see me for their newborn photos and again when little J turned 4 months and LOOK at him NOW!  Love 9 month old baby chubs!  This cutie is growing so fast and is going to be a heart breaker for sure!  Thank you Kevin and Kecia!  It’s always so much fun when we see each other!

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I adore catching little girls in their fairyland.  The little princess just loved to dance and her big brother was the perfect little ‘prince’.  What beautiful light we had and perfect weather.  Thank you Donna and Steve.  I so enjoyed our shoot.

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  • Susan Monaghan - I really love all the pictures !

  • mischeal Leavelle - OMG, You should be very proud of yourself, this is done so beautiful and you have been blessed with a wonderful talent. I’m a friend of Loraine’s and these boys are just so cute. and I’m sure you will be very successful. and if I ever need a picture taken or know of any one that’s looking. I will save this web site and pass it on. Good Luck

    Mischeal Leavelle

This beautiful family came to me for Christmas portraits.  We went to the park to feed the ducks and I got a few shots in.  I love just letting the kids be….and I’ll catch them in action. Thank you Jenny and Pete for allowing me to photograph your beautiful family.

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  • Jenny - I just loved looking through these again! We love so many of these pictures and they are slowly being framed all over the house! Can’t wait until we do our next session… It will be fun to see how much the boys will have changed!!

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