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This series makes me smile….

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  • Jenny - I adore this family session! so simple, clean, classic and beautiful. i must visit your blog more often!

  • robyn oakenfold - great series. so beautiful. so simple.

  • Corinn Amaris {Clever, MO Lifestyle Photographer} - What lovely family… Great job!

  • Stephanie Moore {Tucson AZ Photographer} - I love all the white here, so pretty. And your processing is beautiful, gorgeous job Mary!

  • Kara Jo - So lovely:) I’ve wanted to do a shot like this for a long time. Maybe you just gave me the extra push!

  • Laura - Smiling over here too, these are soooo cute!!

  • Krista Lund - these images are so clean and fresh. just perfect 🙂

  • Donelle - Wow great images, love the light airy feel to them

  • Melinda - Mary – these turned out so beautifully!! Love them all – you really captured the connection of the family!

  • Amy Lucy - These are so beautiful, Mary! I want that room. 🙂 The family will treasure these!

  • Laurie - Hi Mary! I’m soo glad you came for a visit to my blog this morning, becuase now I get to be in awe of your gorgeous work! You are an artist to the full extent of the word.. and I’m inspired! I have been so afraid to “play” with my photo’s.. thinking that i’ll go way to far outside the box. Your work is so lovely and soothing to look at. I hope you do find a challenge group to participate with from Bloom. They will all be thrilled to see your work as I have!
    Ciao.. and have a great day!

  • Ginny Felch - Lucky, lucky them. Great series, Mary.

Doesn’t get better than this…..

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  • robyn oakenfold - your right it doesn’t get much better than that… looks like a wonderful morning!

  • Heather - These kinds of photos are the ones that will be cherished forever!

  • Stephanie Moore {Tucson AZ Photographer} - Um hello that looks delish, will you send some my way!

  • Christina - Um,yummy!!! This is why I love bloom and blog love. I might have never found you if not for them. I absolutely love your processing here and your style is so dreamy! Lovely!

  • Bobbie - Wow.. the pictures are so relaxing to view… love them.. and everything looks delish!!!

  • Donelle - Love the processing, and these pictures just made me so hungry for breakfast 🙂 Great job

  • kit womble - LOVE the processing on these. it really sets the tone, like a daydream of earlier days. wonderful job!

  • tabitha - oh…this makes me want to do sunday morning breakfast with my fam<3

  • jennifer foster - this is so lovely Mary! I adore the sentiment and heart behind it, you made an ordinary occurrence extraordinary! beautiful processing as well 🙂

  • Shannon - Loving the easy Sunday morning vibe with your soft processing. Nicely done!

  • Krista Lund - i wish i was there with you!

  • Nicki - love the dreamy processing! looks yummy too!

  • Laura - Yummmmmy so soft and dreamy…

  • wendy - Just dreamy! Love how real this is. Now I’m craving homemade jam…

  • Val Spring - This looks like the best Sunday morning breakfast! Love the dreaminess, your tones and of course your amazing use of light!

PINIMAGEPINIMAGEPINIMAGEPINIMAGEPINIMAGEPINIMAGEPINIMAGEPINIMAGEPINIMAGEPINIMAGEPINIMAGEPINIMAGEPINIMAGEPINIMAGEPINIMAGEPINIMAGEPINIMAGEPINIMAGEDid this shoot a while ago, but it was supposed to be a Father’s Day present, so I could not post until after El Senior saw the images.  I couldn’t have asked for better weather, light and subjects!!!  Such gorgeous ladies!

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  • Jackie - I love all of these!

  • Jenna - Gorgeous bubble shots! I really love how the green makes them pop! And your daughter is precious

  • Callie - beautiful! what gorgeous light you found!

  • Cortney Smith - Love the light and the bubbles! Your tones are fabulous!

  • Krista Lund - just beautiful!

  • Lindsey Culver - Gorgeous light and I love the bubbles – so pretty and fun!

  • Corinn Amaris {Nixa MO Lifestyle Photographer} - These are awesome! I love the bubbles!

  • Angela - Oh, these are really amazing. Great light!!

  • robyn oakenfold - love that light… yum! and really love the little girls dress! beautiful!

  • Stacey S - The are absolutely GORGEOUS! Love the color prism within the bubbles – that is amazing.

  • Stephanie Moore {Tucson AZ Photographer} - I LOVE the bubbles, gorgeous. Your tones here are beautiful, seriously fabulous. And your black adn whites are stunning!

  • Melanie - Wow, the colors just sparkly in these images! What a sweet Father’s Day gift!

  • shannon harrison - literally love each and every shot. tones are lovely lovely. youre something Mary!

  • Ana - beautiful light and you capture de moment perfectly!

  • Mary Schannen - Thank you!

  • Toni Raper - Oh my goodness thiese are the most beautifully ethereal images I’ve seen in a long while. Absolutely magic!

  • Mireille - Ok.. I am stalking you for days and gosh woman.. your photo’s take my breath away!!! YOU ROCK!!
    Simply had to leave you some ♥

I love my family.

I love my friends.

I love my kid’s friends and their families.

I love my kid’s school.

I love my neighborhood.

I love that my kids are learning to recycle and to help clean the environment.

I grew up in NYC in the 70’s and 80’s.  Although it was an exciting and I had ‘the world’ in my backyard, it was also a very different experience from the suburban or rural upbringings.  I took a subway to high school.  Graffiti and garbage on the streets were a normal, everyday sight.  My high school had nine floors, escalators, and metal detectors at the front doors.  The grass is always greener on the other side, but that is not the way I would like to raise my kids.

There is still construction going on in my neighborhood.  Being that we are in Texas, there is a lot of wind and often ‘debris’ will float away to the wooded parts or the fields nearby.  My good friend Stacey with the help of Denise, Tiffany and a bunch more wonderful people put together the Rocketship Park Clean Up Day.  Students of my son’s school and their families were invited to help clean up the Rocketship Park, (a public park in our neighborhood) and the surrounding areas).  This event is done twice a year – once in the fall and the spring.  The original date had to be reschedule due to bad weather, so the turnout was not as large as the fall event, however, we are so grateful for those who were able to make it and those who tried and passed the word around about the clean up.  So much was done and what a wonderful learning experience it was for the kids (and parents!)

Of course, everyone was safe, as that is the #1 priority.  So we had gloves, handles to pick up trash, sanitizer, water, etc.  It’s such a wonderful event and I wish every town would organize something like this to help teach future generations about saving the planet.  And it was FUN!

These images are from both the Fall 2010 clean up and the Spring 2011 Clean Up.

Thank you Stacey for organizing the event and everyone else for their participation!

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Photography is not only about getting beautiful portraits with the perfect light, pose and mood, but also to document moments.  Moving the piano was a big deal in our house – it allows me to be with my children more.  My office used to be in the back of the house.  Way too often was I tucked away in that back room on my computer while my children were playing in front or upstairs.  Now that my office is in the front of the house, I can see the children in the front of the house, my son’s workspace is just above me, so we have more conversations.  It’s a nice inviting light room where my family likes to come in and hang out while I’m in here.  My husband will be taking the back office because when he works from home, he really needs his privacy.  This post is just documenting the before and after and the actual ‘move’ of the piano.  Some of the images are iphone photos so please do not judge the quality.  🙂

Ok – so as soon as the the guys from Steinway arrived, I asked them ‘if I didn’t like where they moved the piano, would they move it back?’  A little reluctant, they agreed.   We made sure the boys stayed outside (they certainly did not mind).  The guys were a little uncomfortable with my big ole camera, so I assured them that their faces would not be on the internet.  Poor guys – grumbled and moaned a bit because this player  piano ‘was an 200 – 300 lbs heavier than a regular piano”, (and they are not exactly small guys either!).  It’s an old antique, so I’m sure a few things fell apart that they had to put together. It took a good 35 – 40 minutes for them to wrap it up in the first room.  By the time they moved it to the livingroom, they took it off the blocks, put the legs on and placed it in the middle  of the room(apx. 60 minutes after they arrived).  I had a pit in my stomach because it looked WAY too big.  After all they were going through, there was no way I was going to have them put it back (I know, I care too much).  Thankfully (I’m so thanking the heavens above!!!) that when they moved it towards the windows, it looked like it was going to work.

So now I have a new office.  Got my table and will get a book case in there soon.  Some day some paint and will replace the canvasses (I just threw them up there yesterday morning, so they are all tilted).  I think I want to put color canvasses in there and put those BW’s back where they were.  That yoga ball was one of the best $10 investment I’ve made!  It helps my back by forcing me to sit up straight and I get a little core workout while my computer is processing.  🙂

The kids now play the piano.  How sweet is that?  The little things are the important ones.

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  • From Music Room to Office – | - […] myself an office.  If you are interested in reading more about the actual piano move- you can go HERE.   ( I know you will be hitting  that link b/c my life is just soooo interesting!  […]

  • Brooke - Love the new office space, and yes, the piano looks fantastic in its new spot. So glad the changes are having positive effects on all of you!! Congratulations! 🙂

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