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A fun session with good friends.  I love these two kids and consider them part of our family.  Stacey – I’m so glad that you and your family have become part of our lives.


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  • Jamie - Melanie,

    I stumbled upon your pictures via pinterest and have fallen in love!! Your work is incredible! These photos of Katie and Brady really stand out to me because they seriously look like they could be mine and my husband’s children haha! I’ve showed my in-laws and my family these kids and they freak out without even me asking who they look like. It’s actually quite shocking how similar Brady and my husband look. I am actually 6 months pregnant with our first, a little girl, and if she even slightly resembles Katie she’s gonna be the cutest thing ever! I was so sad to find out you’re based out of Texas, because I would love to have you take some shots of my little family and baby girl. Anyway, super random.

  • Stacey - We are so lucky to have met you as well. It is hard to even think back to when I didn’t know you. I truly believe that Brady and Katie think of Michael and Christopher as brothers. We love you guys too!

I chose a weekend day where we were not doing anything special – Playdates, watching the game, doggie play, Halloween candy, me attempting some sort of craft project.  Typical day in the Schannen household.

I’m having issues here, so we’re going to be going backwards – from nightime to morning.  After you are done here – Head on over to see Pam Parisi’s day.


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  • diana evans - Your dogs are too cute. we have two huge goldendoodles that are pretty goofy – we will have to bring them to the shoot (they get 10 minutes to make it work, or back in the car they will go!)

  • Laurie - Mary, I absolutely love your work!! I don’t have much time these days to peruse web sites, but yours inspires me!! Love your 10 on 10.. Love your creativity with that lamp shade!! 🙂 Looking forward to seeing your December post.. I’m even hoping to get creative these on coming months. Ciao..

  • Pam Parisi - Love the one where your family is in bed! Also love your PP!!

  • Carrie terrones - What a goregous take on a quiet day…beautiful!

  • Nancy Schumacher - I love how you captured your day! Love the one running up the stairs ~ cool!! That pantry is to die for! I would love that 🙂

  • Cara - These are great Mary. Like everyone else your pantry shot has me in complete envy. I love the shot of your son having a quiet moment with his hand on the dog.

  • celestejones - These are great. I have to step up my 10 on 10 after seeing all the movement and variety in yours. Thanks for sharing.

  • shannon harrison - dont ask me why but i simply adore the pantry shot. and your dogs are beautiful! such characters!

  • Heather Humphreys - Did anyone else sit and stare at the photo of pantry for as long as I did??? Wow! That looks beautiful. Ok, and your images are superb too. I love the shot of digging through the candy bag and also the blurred dash up the stairs. So fun! Great job!

  • Carey Pace - I absolutely love the eye through which you see your world. These rock.

  • Krista Lund - love how you captured the day. i can see the love and personality of your family- it shines thru 🙂

  • Melissa - What great photos, Mary! That swingset shot…love it! I love the unexpectedness of your boy upsidedown. 🙂 (and I’m gonna need for you to come over and organize my pantry.)

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Rick (my hubby) likes to relax and watch the game most Sunday afternoons.  My older boy loves to watch with him and they discuss Sports ALL THE TIME.   For some reason he was no where to be found at the moment, so the little guy took full advantage of having Daddy all to himself.   These wrestling matches also happen all the time – They are ALL BOY.  I’m glad I was able to document it this time. 

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  • Laura - Awww, I love the story told with these images!!

  • Stephanie Moore {Tucson AZ Photographer} - Oh my gosh I lvoe these So much!!!

  • Val Spring - Gasp! These are such soulful images! I say it again. I’m in love with your work!

  • sarah costa - these are incredible so much emotion and I love the light.. absolutely perfect

  • Kim Rollwitz - Precious and I’m sure will bring back fond memories!!

  • Sarah Albert - awwww how fun! I love this!

  • maureenwilson - love love love these Mary!! Puffy heart.

  • Jen - Wonderful! You are very talented at capturing both light and expression!

  • Angela - Love the feel of this! Great tones!

  • Krista Lund - i love how you are celebrating the everyday 🙂

  • Christine - What an awesome memory. He looks so happy to have daddy’s full attention. This image makes my heart smile. 🙂

  • Callie - Mary…these are wonderful. Love how you captured them…you’ll love these for years. Such a sweet, fun moment.


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  • tamara - THese are GORGEOUS!! Love them. So sweet and simple

  • Julia - Beautiful images, I love the candid nature of these and the setting you chose!

  • Stephanie Moore {Tucson AZ Photographer} - Seriously melt my heart Mary. The lighting here is amazing, I love the back lighting. And her expression is priceless. Gorgeous job!!!

  • tabitha - um…wow! she is gorgeous

  • Callie - oh Mary! these are amazing…gorgeous, gorgeous work!

  • Kim Rollwitz - Stunning images. I love them all.

  • Kim - Stunning images!!. Love the whole set-up in front of the window.

  • Krista Lund - gorgeous girl and light.

  • Melinda - Beautiful Mary! Love these!

  • Melanie - These are stunning! What a beautiful little girl and I love the way you processed them!

  • Val Spring - Oh Mary, once again you left me speachless. Every single one of these is a work of art. You are amazing.

  • Angela - Love the simplicity and feel of these! Lovely!

  • Summer - Lovely indeed! love these!

  • leah - AMAZING!! I soo want that window, that table, candle stick holders, and the patience to allow my daughter to grow her hair that long =D Beautiful!

  • jessica marchetti - miss mary these are GORG. so regal and simple and clean. love them all

  • Amy Lucy - Ooooh, Mary! These are so beautiful. Timeless and unique. I love everything about these!

  • Donelle - Wow the lighting is gorgeous and I love the second picture, great job

Well – I’m late with my post today – was supposed to have this up about 13 hours ago, but it didn’t work out that way.  But it’s still October 10th – so here goes.

I’ve joined a group of photographers where we take 10 hours in one day and document that day through images.  I may have taken some liberties with too many images per hour, (and if that’s against the ‘rules’ – I apologize and won’t do it again.  :).  To read a little more about this project – click HERE.

On this day, a Monday;  after the kids were picked up for school, I took the dogs in for their teeth cleaning.  I forgot my camera – so no images about that.

Mikey was star of the week at school.  Over the weekend we were supposed to do a posterboard or something similar all about Michael.  I was planning to make a cork board for his room – so this was the perfect excuse to get it going (and his teacher said it was ok).  So I ran to the store Friday night (after reading what our ‘weekend’ homework was), and bought the supplies.  I did work on it most of the weekend (with soccer games, and a football party fit in there somewhere).  Wasn’t quite finished when Mikey left for school on Monday, so I came home from the vet’s  to finish it.  My husband thinks I’m a bit nuts – and really – I’m not one of those moms that goes way above and beyond for their kid’s assignments, but for some reason, I had to do this one.  (Needed some fun time for me…. 🙂


So – I finished it in the morning and delivered it to Michael’s class.  Had to try to ‘sneak’ these images in….PINIMAGE

A group of neighbor friends and I have a weekly thing – Every Monday, one mom takes 4-5 family’s kids over after school for a playdate.  Therefore, we would have 4 weeks of extra time after school on Mondays, and one busy Monday.  This day was my turn.  I ran to Hobby Lobby to get crafts in preparation for the onslaught!PINIMAGE

Kids came over after school – not too bad – only seven kids – usually it’s 9.  Garage was all set up with crafts and the idea was to keep all the kids outside the entire time!PINIMAGE

Soccer time….PINIMAGE

If I had a girl, we would sit and do crafts all day.  As you see here – the boys went to play soccer and basketball, but the girls continued with their painting.  And resourceful Cloie found a seat!


Snack and Fun chat time!  (notice how we’re STILL outside!)  lolPINIMAGE

Parents came for pick up (Phew!).  ‘Mom look – I have a loose tooth!’PINIMAGE

Time to pick the dogs up from the Vet.


My Girls……Home at last!  I did miss them!


Thanks for reading/looking!  Now head on over to Kit Womble to check out her day!

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One of my favorite types of photography is lifestyle – which is basically telling a story with your images.  I have joined up with a group of 10 VERY talented photographers with the 10 on 10 project inspired by Shannon Harrison.  Once a month, we take a 10 consecutive hours and document with our cameras a photo from each hour.  This was my first time trying something like this – there are the 365 day projects and the 52 week project, but right now, I’m not comfortable committing to one of those projects b/c of time/schedule conflicts.  However, I know many photographer friends have told me how it has really helped develop their skills and creativity – you have a deadline – so you are always thinking creatively and more important, documenting the moments in your life that you will always treasure.  I do plan to do one of those types of projects in the future – just not now.  However – once a month – I can handle, so when this opportunity came up – I jumped on it!

We will be posting our images from the day we choose on the 10th of each month.

I chose labor day – I woke up early, had some energy and my husband to help me with the kids all day.  Was a very lazy day – so great to take out the camera and document!

Labor Day – September 5th, 2011.  6am – After letting the dogs out for their potty break and feeding them, it was quite apparent that the kitchen floor needed a sweep.  (this was the ‘after’ the ‘before’ was too embarrassing to post – lol)


Ok – so I’m just starting a project to help my magazine clutter – Of course I got the idea from Pinterest – but this PIN that linked to THIS blog post – Take out anything that interests you and you want to look at again and put it in a notebook.  Therefore you can discard (recycle) the rest of the magazine (that you don’t need) and know where to look at those articles/items/tips/etc that intrigued you in one place to look at your convenience without searching through magazines.   You can always replace items that you no longer need – so One notebook should be enough – (however I do have a separate notebook for photography inspirations. )


8AM – family still asleep – one doggie awake and resting…..

PINIMAGEok – so it’s 9am (ish) and I go upstairs to find this guy standing over and protecting the playroom……

(go ahead and ignore the dirty window – or just call it ‘art’ – that works for me!)


Ok -Dad and our two boys just woke up – hanging out watching TV.


Boys upstairs playing quietly…..


Shower Time!


A few friends invited us to meet us here for a picnic lunch.  I was so happy not only that the weather was actually tolerable (has been over 100 degrees for 50 plus days! crazy) and that we were going to see friends that we haven’t seen in awhile….


An hour later – Kids were playing on the play structure….


We went to my Mother-in-law’s house just after the park and Chris just wanted to veg in front of TV.  He was tired….


Dessert is always a hit.  Mikey wanted to take the sprinkles off first.


Now head on over my talented friend,  Kit Womble to see what her day was like!

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  • Krista Lund - these are fantastic. love your composition and perspective.

  • NIcki B - Oh my gosh, that shower shot is so awesome! love it!

  • egle b - Would like to try 10 on 10 for myself, much better that 365 🙂 Love the shower shot – stunning!

  • shannon harrison - love that shower shot! i knew id love your series Mary! 🙂 your colors are TDF always,

  • Dana Cubbage - I love love love the processing of your images. I always love the soft, dreamy processing of other photographers since my style is so different and bold. Maybe I’ll have to try the soft processing sometime… it’s GORGEOUS and I just love all of your images this month 🙂 Great job!!

  • jules - such a wonderful day spent with those you love. my favorite is the cupcake … delish!

  • kit womble - I too love the shower one! These are great images, the composition is spectacular 🙂

  • Ana - very nice! I like your light and love the pic of the toy in the window!

  • Melissa - Gorgeous! My favorite is the shower image. Thanks for the magazine tip!

  • Pam (P Squared Studios) - Love your post-processing!! Colors are great!! My favorite shot was your little boy in the shower. Such fun!!

  • Heather Humphreys - I really enjoyed seeing your images, Mary. You have some great compositions. I loved the shower one – such a priceless expression and the movement of the water was perfect! And the cupcake image is darling. Nice bokeh. Makes me hungry.

  • Melinda - Beautiful job Mary! Love seeing your day with your family. I think the last shot is my fav!

He’s just so adorable and I love that the family lets me ‘play’.  🙂


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  • Johanna S - Love these photos – so clean so gorgeous !!!

  • Christina - Love the 10 on 10 posts! What a cute bum in those last few!!!

  • Stephanie Moore {Tucson AZ Photographer} - Oh goodness mary these are adorable!!!!!!

  • kit womble - what a cutie patootie! these are wonderful. I wish I had some like these of my child!

  • Nicki B - oh my goodness that baby bottom is too cute! love love love the bubbles too. beautiful images.

  • Krista Lund - this is too darn cute!

  • Carrie Terrones (Las Vegas Photographer) - FABULOUS! Such a cute session!

  • Melanie - So sweet! Love your processing!

  • Donelle - Oh my goodness these are so adorable!!!

  • leah - How can anyone not love a little Tushy =) TOo cute, and your composition is perfect!

  • Corinn Amaris {Republic, MO Lifestyle Photographer} - What great memories! Love the bubbles 🙂

  • Jenna - o my goodness. That last b/w with the bubbles is to die for! Your lighting in these images is amazing!

  • Andrea - Too adorable! Gotta love precious baby behind pictures! Oh and add bubbles and you win double points!

My youngest son is off to kindergarten.  I knew I would miss the kids so much, so after much discussion, research, and more discussion, we decided we needed a dog.  My husband is allergic, so we’ve never had any furry pets.  However, we always knew that when the kids get a little older, we wanted to get a ‘big dog’.  I always envisioned the big, gentle lab just lying down on the brown leather sofa with plaid fleece blankets all around.   Just hanging out, part of the family, letting the kids lay on top of him while watching TV, and the warmth from the wood burning fireplace, logs on the piled up on the side.  Basically,  a scene out of an L.L. Bean catalog, (or my grandparent’s library in Hanover, NH).   Ah – but I digress…Remember, my husband is ALLERGIC and we live in TEXAS, so wood burning fires in our livingrooms are pretty rare.

So, back to more research.  I love horses.  I grew up in NYC, however spent much time in NH at my grandparents, and I would ride and take care of horses as much as I could.  I’ve never been in a position to actually ‘own’ a horse, so in my mind, the next best thing was a Great Dane.  Or so I thought…..Just because I love Great Danes, that doesn’t mean Great Danes are going to love living with us.  Because of work and family commitments, I won’t have the time to make sure that high energy dogs get the exercise they need.  If a high energy dog gets ‘bored’ or needs more exercise, they will be miserable (and possibly use your house as their personal gym, wreaking havock on the furniture!)  Of course, Great Danes and Labradors are high energy dogs.  Not a good fit.

Puppy, or adult?  Again – don’t have too much time to train, plus I haven’t had a dog in a long time, so adult.

Rescue?  I always worried about their past – With two small children in the house, I need a gentle soul, one that’s tolerant and sweet.  Once the children are grown up, I will have more time and energy to take care of an animal with issues.  However, I really can’t do that now – Would not be fair to the animal, nor my family who need me.

More research.  My good friend Tiffany told me about how she adopted a retired racing Greyhound once.  Was a wonderful dog, in the nine weeks, she may have cleaned about 12 hairs off the kitchen floor, and highly recommended them.  The issue she had is that her Greyhound did not get along with her cat, that has been a family member for a long time.   They really tried to make it work, but as you know, dogs and cats don’t always play well.

Hmmm – A Greyhound, sounds interesting.   But they just got off the racetracks – they must need a lot of exercise!  But just in case, I’ll go check them out.

Wow!  Apparently, a retired racing Greyhound, is just that – RETIRED!!!!!  Once they are off the tracks, they are pretty much done!  Greyhounds were bred for quick burst of speed (they have the largest heart of any dog – enabling them to run so fast).  They are sprinters, but not endurance runners.  They are affectionately known as ‘the world fastest couch potato’!   Basically a run in an enclosed area or a longer walk once a day is all a retired racer needs.  They typically sleep up to 20 hours a day!

Ok – second problem – my husband’s allergies.  Well, many allergy sufferers do well with Greyhounds.  They shed very little and have no undercoat.

Rescue? – Well, for the most part, the retired racers were treated well.  They love to run and be with other dogs.  They do need to learn how to live in a house, but often an adopted racer first lives in Foster care, therefor learning about the house – tables, windows, mirrors, stairs, etc.

What else about the Greys -  (Please, Please, Please feel free to either correct me or add more if my information is inaccurate – You can do that in the comments or contact me directly. )

Demeanor- gentle, sweet, affectionate, eager to please.

Intelligence – Very Smart, pretty easy to train, but get bored easily sometimes.  (However, they do not know how to get back home if loose – will elaborate below)

Noise – Basically Greys don’t bark.  Some do, but it’s not a characteristic of the breed.

Guard dog? – NOT – They’ll greet the intruder at the door, say ‘come on in and pet me!’

Good with children – Yes, typically.  As with most dogs, if the child is too hands on or rough, the Grey will typically back off or just leave the room.  May not be a good fit with very young children, but again – depends on the situation. (My kids are not rough or very overly affectionate with animals).

Life expectancy – 12 – 14 years.  Pretty good health –

For  us – what could be a better breed???  They remind me of horses – I just love how they look – so poised and statuesque, but they can be really silly too (just look up ‘Greyhound Crazies’ on youtube – hysterical).

Well, we wanted to meet some Greys, make sure they are ok with the kids and my husband’s allergies, so we went to a  Greyhound Unlimited ‘Meet and Greet’ event.  My husband petted and hugged each animal and we had a great time (and the hubby felt perfectly fine all day -yay!).  We had no intentions of bringing home a dog that day, so we made sure to tell the kids that we were JUST looking at them and we would NOT be bringing home a Greyhound on that day.    Well, it turns out we really didn’t need to convince the kiddos that we wern’t bringing home a Grey that day – it was ME!  I fell IN LOVE with Brie.  A week later, after chats with her foster mom, meeting and liking my MIL’s dog, we brought her home.

My 8 year old wanted to change her name to Abby, and I really want him to feel a part of Abby’s upbringing, so Abby is her name and she responds to it nicely.

I’ll post more about Abby in future posts and will get some better shots in.  She so pretty, has a great, fun personality. so affectionate and  to sum it all up -  – PURE JOY!


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  • sarah costa - what gorgeous images of your new family member I LOVE these so much absolutely wonderful story as well!

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