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My Office Wall

I am flattered and overjoyed with the attention that THIS post has received regarding my transformation of my office.  Lots of inquires regarding the size of the canvasses, and how I came to this arrangement.


Once we had the grey paint up on the wall, I put one of my black white canvasses that I had already owned against it and loved the way it looked.  I KNEW I wanted to cover that wall.  It’s a front room in our house – so as soon as you walk in, it’s a very visible space so I focused more time and expense working on this wall.


I’m a very flow with it type of gal.  Terrible at planning.  I already owned the square canvas of mikey’s closeup and the one of him jumping superman style.  I ordered some more canvasses from CanvasOnDemand thinking I would arrange them once they came.   Not very logical – I know.  Numbers don’t compute in my head, so I didn’t really measure very well.  (I order all my canvasses from CanvasOnDemand – and am so giddy when they show up!  It’s a bit of an obsession with me!)


I documented a little of my process for one of my 10 on 10 personal projects.  These images didn’t make the cut for my 10on10, and I never thought I would need them.  So glad I did document this – I had no idea the questions and attention would flood in about this project.  Again – I’m very flattered!  I’m not in business, so I don’t really put myself ‘out there’ on the web.  I do want to answer all the emails individually, but I figured I would post this first then will get to the emails (if that’s ok with you?)  Thank you so much!


First I laid them out on the floor –



Then rearranged, brought in some others that I had…..





Once I decided on some keepers for the wall, my sweet husband begrudgingly hung them.  He really dislikes hanging picture (and curtain rods).  I’m soooo thankful that my new cleaning lady’s husband is VERY handy and I now hire him to do all the little honey do’s!  (my husband is thankful too!)


I do wish I took images of the middle of the process.  Instead – after hanging a few, he was tired and we had THIS  little fun session with Mikey.   I’m glad I documented that one at least.



Once the canvasses were partially on the wall, I did measure the existing space and ordered them accordingly.  If you look above – two of those canvasses on the floor did not make the wall.  I do have them in other areas in the house and am pleased.  I’ll do another blog post on one of my hallways where I hung images/painted and got new lights – so keep a lookout for that one soon.  🙂

Ok – Sizes of the canvasses:


Left side  – From top to bottom

Top left – 31×30 – Chris’s face looking at camera

Left #2 – 17×30 – Mikey looking off to side

Left #3 – 16×30 – Two boys

Left #4 – 16×30 – Mikey



Top Middle – 30×40 – Mikey superman style

Middle – 35×35 – Mikey’s closeup



Top Right – 20×30 – Chris looking off to the side

Right #2 – 20×30 – Two boys

Right #3 – 24×30 – Two boys

Right #4 – 15×30 – Mikey lashes


I do feel bad that I have more of Mikey on there than Chris – But I do have plenty of canvasses of Chris elsewhere in the house.  And quite honestly, he does not like having his picture taken.  I’m sure many of you can relate – especially if you have BOYS! Right?


Any help on what do do with all those cords would be greatly appreciated!





Sorry about the repost of some of these – Just in case you missed it the first time.


Since my last blog post about this office transformation, I’ve also had a lot of inquires about the furniture.  Table and Bookcase are from Nadeau .  I really love that store.  Not sure how the other locations  look and work, but in Dallas, you walk into a very pretty warehouse (as pretty as warehouses can get) and gather  your ‘sold’ stickers.  Once you decide on a piece, you put your sold sticker on the item’s tag , basically to claim your item so no one else nabs it.  So if you are a bargain shopper like me, I highly recommend this store.  Beautiful antique looking, high end mostly wood furniture for great prices.  I’ve been sending all my friends to that store – seems like a really great secret that not too many people in my area knew about!  I believed I paid $300 for that table and the bookcase had a small crack in the back, but was still structurally sound.  The discounted price on that goodie was only about $187.  The colors of the legs actually match better than how it appears in this image.  Lack of attention in processing on my part.  Hope you can get an idea.


I really like arranging art and have helped several friends with what to do with their walls.  I like to consult – don’t ask me to hang though!  lol.  If you are interested in a consultation on what to do with your existing artwork and/or what to purchase for a space, send me a message.  (locals only please)  I also love consulting on rearranging furniture, space planning, etc.  I’ll post some more on my house soon.  It’s a process.













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  • Monica - Love this! Can u tell me what size wall that is?

  • jody reichel - which canvas option did you order from please?

  • Shelia Williams - My problems is my snapshots are old and not enough mega pixils and that makes me sad because I wanted this for den wall so bad !

  • Cocoa Mo - Very nice! Just wondering what is the paint color you used for your photo wall? Thanks!


  • Mary Schannen - Great idea!I love the drill a hole -Although I love the table – I got it at a really great price, so it won’t sting too much…:). Thanks!

  • Rose - Love the pictures. As for the cords, if you’re willing to drill a hole into the table do so and then run the cords under it and then attach them to the underside of the table top. Screw a power strip to the table apron(under the table), then you’ll only have the power cord running out to the outlet. If you don’t want to cut a hole in the table then use the cord covers that others talked about and just run it under the table. The rest stays the same.

  • Mary Schannen - Arley – OMGoodness – Seriously I just did that this past weekend! I had a lidded basket – but didn’t think to put a hole in it. I may check out my home goods to see if they have one with hole. I don’t trust myself to actually cut a hole without ruining it! Thanks!

  • Arley - Just love your photo wall. I can’t wait to do one too. I have an idea for your cords. I bought a large lidded basket from Home Goods (mine actually has holes at the top sides for grabbing the basket, you can always cut holes in them as they are fairly inexpensive) I cram all the cords into the basket and place it against the wall. To make it look more like it belongs there, I bought the next smallest size basket and stacked it on top. Hope that works for you.

  • Allison - I love this series- It has inspired me to do a similar one in my studio and home. I cannot wait! Lovely images.
    Allison Cordner

  • Christina Skinner - Oh wow, I’m so jealous! What a wonderful space to work in.

  • Kurt Christoph - I love that wall thnks for the idea

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  • SandyM - Also had the fabric covered cord idea, but you could feed the cords from the table into a basket (large decorative wastebasket or a wicker basket) with a hole cut in the side near the bottom to feed out to the wall. Or, you could use a small shelf unit, painted to coordinate with your desk, placed at the end of the desk. Drill holes in the back to feed the cords through. The power units can sit on the shelves. Again, you’ll have only one or two cords going from the shelf to the wall. You can cover those with one of the flat cord covers made for carpets. If there isn’t one to blend with your carpet, spray paint it. Good luck. Hope one of these ideas works for you.

  • Patricia Holcomb - cord cover – I use the fabric covers they make for hanging lamps. They hold more than regular cord covers and look kind of elegant. Love your wall!!!

  • ANNIEDOBIE - Would love to know how you made canvassed with black and white pics…love the wall. Thank you

  • Michelle - your photos are amaizing, nice job, i would love to work in that office all day, although i might move my desk so that i could also enjoy it as well.

  • Shelley - Please advise where you purchased your prints. I have several black and white printed I’d like to blow up to much larger size but want to get good prints. Your wall looks awesome!

  • Kris - Your photographs are so beautiful! And what a gorgeous way to display them – really inspiring!

  • Lisa - THank you SOOO much for sharing your dimensions. I was close, but off on a few and am so thankful that you posted them. I’m planning on doing something similar for our master bedroom and haven’t seen one I like as much as yours. You’ve inspired me! Thank you,

  • Janet - Mary

    Love your wall. It’s absolutely precious. Just a thought on your cords because that is so a peeve of my own. W
    hy not cover them with a fabric gathered cord cover. Something in a creamy color to go with the color of the furniture. Make it part of the decor. But it needs to be scrunchy looking so I would make sure it’s gathered. Just a thought. Love your office.


  • Christina Block - Beautiful. As a fellow photographer & holding a passionate {love} for black and white images {miss my film days}…I appreciate this wall very much so!

  • Kim - Absolutely beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing! I’ve been wanting to do something if this sort as a “headboard” look. Seeing this really makes me want to get started, finally! 😉

  • Melanie Sikma - AMAZING. I love it. I just redid my office and have been putting off hanging photos on my big empty wall. Now I am inspired! Thank you for the great post.

  • Andrey - Hey : ) That photos are really creative, especially the working area, I would like to use a photo on my Blog, it would be a part of a compilation of inspirational workplaces.

    Thank you

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  • Cate Crandell (@wherescate) - Wow, I am so happy I found your blog from Pinterest! I was wondering how I was going to display images I took from my Peace Corps adventure, and this is exactly how I want to do it! You really have a talent for arranging things!

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